Composite Spring Washers

Composite washers have a significant advantage over carbon steel because they are typically 70% lighter, non-corrosive, chemical resistant, and non-magnetic. Their composite material construction provides a high stregnth-to-weight ratio compared to traditional metallic construction and can be designed to provide the same functional performance as steel components.

Typical Properties

Tensile Strength:100,000 psi minimum
Ultimate Sheer Strength:Approx. 28,000 psi
Max. Working Temperature:180F (heat soaked) / 68C

Chemical Resistance

Strong Acids:Excellent
Weak Bases:Excellent
Inorganic Salt Solutions:Excellent
Automotive Fuels/Oils/Fluids:Excellent
Steam:Good / Very Good (unpressurized)
Weak Alkalis:Excellent

The attributes of composite spring washers make them ideally suited for the Military, Aerospace, Medical, Food Processing, Electronics, Instrumentation, Pollution Control, Semi-Conductors, and Motor Racing industries, as well as many others. Contact Century Spring and our engineers can assist you in integrating composite spring washers at the design stage of new products and programs.