Contact Spring Washers

Contact Belleville disc springs combine two important features for improved bolt connections. Their conical shape provides reactive force and a high elasticity of spring return to compensate for developed looseness, loss of bolt tension due to applied surface deterioration, or movement due to the thermal expansion and contraction. The hardened, serrated profile "grips" the lower surface of the bolt or nut to prevent the loss of tension that normally occurs during extreme vibration or severe shock.

Contact springs are made of selected high-quality carbon spring steel and come in sizes that correspond to a wide range of screw head sizes, including hex head socket screws. They can also be used in SEMS assemblies.

Varieties of Contact Disc Springs




For general use.

Typical use: In the confined space under a socket head screw

Typical use: For oversized holes in sheet metal applications, making use of a wide bearing surface.

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