Curved Washers

Cylindrically Curved Spring Washers

The cylindrically curved washer is well suited for applications requiring flexibility and light loads (from ounces up to about a hundred pounds) and repeated cycles through a range of motion. Of the cylindrically curved, wave and Belleville types, the cylindrically curved washer exhibits the most uniform spring constant over the widest range of deflection.

Spherically Curved Spring Washers

Spherically curved washers are frequently made as segments of spheres instead of segments of cylinders. Although they are not true conical washers, the have approximately the same spring characteristics. However, the load capacity of spherically curved washers varies considerably when deflected near the flat position. The spherical shape tends to add a stiffening effect so that, in general, spherically curved spring washers will have slightly higher spring rates than comparable conical washers.

Note: Stock parts online are manufactured using spring steel. Call for availability if stainless is desired.

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Curved Washers
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