NDS Flange Springs

NDS (National Disc Spring) flange disc springs maintain bolt tension and gasket pressure around the flange, especially under conditions of thermal variations or mechanical shock which may disturb the bolted joint. They counteract loosening and assure the integrity of the bolted flange under the most severe conditions. The proper use of NDS flange springs will ensure that the gasketed joints will completely maintain the seal and not leak, reducing pollution, ensuring safety and reduce pipeline down time.

The NDS flange disc spring is "live loaded," which means it automatically adjusts for thermal variation, vibration and mechanical shock stress.

Flange disc springs are precision machined on all surfaces with well-rounded edges.

Use: Single or stacked on each end of the bold, depending on estimated bolt elongation.

Material Used: H11/H13 stainless steel, which can be used at high temperatures. Under most conditions, our NDS parts can withstand temperatures in the range of 1100°F (590°C).

National Disc Spring Bolt Stress Requirements

Parts ending inBolt stress PSI

All NDS parts are heat treated with a plain finish.