Serrated Spring Washers

Serrated disc springs are a form of disc springs that are serrated on both sides of a trapezoid cross section. Because their diameters are matched to screw dimensions, the serrated disc springs can be used with practically any screw or bolt. The outer diameter of the serrated washer will match up to the head diameter of pan head and hexagon sock head cap screws, including recessed heads.

Serrated Washer Advantages

  • The locking effect at the outside diameter ensures the greatest resistance to loosening
  • Positive locking serrations increases resistance to vibration
  • Concentric application of force eliminates bending bolts
  • Sliding surfaces allow tightening with no surface damage
  • With proper transitional radius between bolt shaft and head there is no splitting when tightening
  • Suitable for captive, fitting on a wide range of bolts
  • Minimizes stock with universal applications

Serrated Disc Springs from CSC

Materials Available

  • Spring Steel - DIN 17222
  • Corrosion resistant steel - DIN 1.4301
  • Stainless (call for availability)

Product Series

  • Light Series: suitable for normal duty, available for screw sizes .063" to 1.417"
  • Reinforced Series: thicker, achieves higher pretension loads, available for screw sizes .197" to 1.181"

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