Slotted Washers

The inclusion of slots on either the inner or outer diameter creates a lever that works on the unslotted portion of the spring. This effect reduces spring load and increases the deflection, giving the spring a softer characteristic, with larger deflection, in proportion to the outside diameter smaller spring loads.

With this type of spring, it is most important, that the permissable stresses in the annular portion are not exceeded. If necessary, the outside diameter must be increased to compensate.

Slotted Disc Spring Advantages

  • Design generates very small loads
  • Will accomodate large deflections
  • Achieve quiet running bearing assembly
  • Accomodate the build up of tolerances within assembly
  • Eliminates thermal movements

Note: Slotted washers in the online catalog are manufactured with spring steel. Call for availability if stainless steel is required.

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Slotted Washers
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