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R-17CS - Carbon Steel Long Length Compression Springs

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The R-17CS is a long-length compression spring manufactured by Century Spring. It is made from carbon steel and has a standard measurement unit. This spring has an inside diameter of 0.402 inch and an outside diameter of 0.562 inches. It has a wire diameter of 0.08 inch and a length of 36 inches. The R-17CS has a solid length of 0.55 inch and a maximum load capacity of 30 pound force. With its pitch of 0.157 inch and a spring rate of 83.0004 inches per pound, this compression spring is suitable for various applications.

Century Spring takes pride in offering fast shipping and maintaining a significant stock inventory. We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to ensure that our customers receive their springs quickly. With our strong supply chain and ample stock, you can count on Century Spring to meet your spring needs promptly. Additionally, all our springs, including the R-17CS, are proudly made in the United States. We prioritize quality and craftsmanship, and our commitment to manufacturing in the USA reflects that. Trust Century Spring for reliable shipping, extensive inventory, and American-made springs for your projects.

Unit System
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Specs (in standard)
Label Value
Brand Century Spring
Finish None
Inside Diameter 0.402 in
Length 36 in
Material Carbon Steel
Measurement Units Standard
Outside Diameter 0.562 in
Pitch 0.157 in
Product Image R_17CS
Rate 83.0004 lbs/in
Rate Constant 6.9167 lbf
Solid Length Constant 0.55 in
Solid Length Per 0.55 lb
Suggested Max Load 30 lbf
Wire Diameter 0.08 in
Specs (in metric)
Label Value
Brand Century Spring
Finish None
Inside Diameter 10.21 mm
Length 914.4 mm
Material Carbon Steel
Measurement Units Standard
Outside Diameter 14.27 mm
Pitch 3.99 mm
Product Image R_17CS
Rate 14.53 N-mm
Rate Constant 1211.3 N
Solid Length Constant 13.97 mm
Solid Length Per 0.25 kg
Suggested Max Load 133.44 N
Wire Diameter 2.03 mm