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Welcome to Century Spring Corp. (CSC) – North America’s leading catalog source of stock and custom springs for MRO and OEM applications. Century is a spring manufacturer with a 90 year tradition of success built on having both the largest stock spring selection in the world, as well as offering custom spring manufacturing services to fit your exacting quality standards. At Century we believe is superior customer service and keeping it simple, where one order equals one shipment and one invoice. Contact Century Spring Corp. today for any of your spring needs or to acquire more information on CSC’s exceptional products and services.

Compression Springs

Designed to oppose compression and return to uncompressed length.

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Extension Springs

Designed to create a resistance to a pulling force.

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Torsion Springs

Can store and release angular energy or statically hold a mechanism in place.

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Tapered Springs

More stable than a regular compression spring and can compress further.

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Die Springs

For use in die stamping machinery.

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Disc Springs

Stackable Washer that can be used singularly or in an array.

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Spring Anchors

The quickest, most efficient and economical way to secure the ends of an extension spring.

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Constant Force Springs

Exerts a nearly constant restraining force to resist uncoiling.

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Download CAD & 2D Drawings On Demand

Century Spring offers free downloads of 2D dimensional drawings and CAD models in every major format for all of our springs. CAD models can be saved to a personal computer, or dragged directly into compatible CAD software.  For any non-standard parts, Century can furnish custom CADs as needed once a formal quote is requested.


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