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Grinding & Secondary Operations

Grinding & Secondary Operations Overview

The machining process known as grinding or abrasive cutting uses a grinding wheel with an abrasive surface to cut or grind away unwanted material, creating a smooth finish. Compression and tapered spring ends often are ground to increase operational life and to allow the spring to sit squarely on the load-bearing surface. As the result of this process, the spring will have less material at the ends which increases the load capacity and lowers stresses. Century Spring offers a few different grinding services where the squareness of the spring, the surface roughness of the grind surface and the amount of grind needed (e.g. 75% of the circumference) can be specified.

In addition, secondary finishing operations such as tumbling, shot peening, flattening, trimming, bending, chamfering & buffing is also available.

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Industries Served

These machining processes are use most often in the production of precision components designed for use in very specific applications. Our machined components are found in a variety of industries.

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