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Urethane Springs

Urethane springs are compression springs with a completely different appearance than a typical metallic wire helical coil compression spring. These springs are fabricated from a polyether elastomer material and feature a small hole in the center. This material reacts in compression very similarly to an incompressible fluid. Under compression, the sides of urethane springs bulge like you would expect a fluid volume to move. Urethane springs are cylindrical with a small through-hole in the center.

Urethane springs are compression springs designed for use where employing a traditional metallic helical coil spring is impossible, such as in applications with magnetic fields or significant vibrational loads.

In such applications, a urethane compression spring would outperform a metallic helical coil spring, and they have proven themselves to be safe, reliable, and efficient spring options in such applications.

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Urethane springs

Custom Urethane Spring Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom urethane spring options include length, diameter, and rated durometer.

We partner with you to determine the urethane spring design that will meet your application’s requirements, such as temperature resistance or load-carrying capability. We offer state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment backed by world-class spring design expertise to mass-produce custom urethane springs.

We also offer several in-house pre-production services, including CAD modeling, Prototyping, and Production Tooling creation to ensure that every urethane compression spring meets your performance requirements.

Whether you are in the design or procurement phase, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to bring your project to life.

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Urethane Springs: Information & Resources

Urethane Spring Characteristics

Notable urethane compression spring geometric characteristics include the following:

  1. Outside Diameter: This is the outer diameter of the cylindrical urethane spring when it is unloaded.

  2. Free Length: This is the length of the spring when it is unloaded. A urethane spring's recommended maximum free length is 2.5 times its outside diameter. However, springs can be stacked on top of each other in series or separated by cylindrical washers.

  3. Inside Diameter: This is the diameter of the hole in the middle of the urethane spring.

  4. Durometer: This is a measure of the hardness of the urethane/ polyether-elastomer material

Century Spring’s Urethane springs are fabricated from a unique polyether-elastomer material that is not rigid or brittle like other plastics. This material behaves like a fluid when displaced. For example, as the length of the spring decreases under compression, the diameter increases by a proportional amount, preserving the spring's total volume.

For example, if a spring is compressed by 15%, its diameter will increase by 15%. Your machine design should account for this increase in the lateral diameter of the urethane spring.

Benefits of Urethane Springs

Urethane springs feature excellent elasticity and material resilience under high-load applications.

In general, when compared to traditional metallic wire helical coil compression springs, Urethane springs offer the following mechanical advantages:

  • High load-carrying capability

  • Non-Magnetic

  • Excellent electrical insulator- (e.g., High Dielectric Strength)

  • Excellent resistance to galling

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Oil and solvent resistance

  • Operates with low noise level

  • Excellent vibration damping

  • Excellent shock absorption

  • Bondable surface

  • Reliable operation over long product lifetimes

However, compared to metallic compression springs, urethane springs have poor heat resistance and should not be used at temperatures below -30°F or above 180°F. Additionally, if urethane springs are overloaded repeatedly, they are vulnerable to creep failure, a failure mode in which small cracks under compressive load and eventually rupturing spring.

How to Select a Urethane Spring

You should recall the key geometric characteristics introduced in the previous section when shopping for urethane springs. You should also consider the temperature requirements of your application to ensure that a urethane spring is appropriate.

Once you know the approximate geometry of the urethane spring you need and that it will fit, you should evaluate the operational deflection compared to the maximum value.

To do this, you can shop for urethane springs using their Shore Durometer to obtain an approximation of the linear displacement of the spring and the increase in diameter under compression in your application. Common urethane spring durometers are measured in the Shore A scale (i.e., the softest scale) 60A, 80A, 90A, and 95A, where a higher number indicates increasing hardness. For example, an automotive tire tread has a durometer of 70A, while the comparatively harder wheels on a skateboard have a durometer of 90A

In general, the maximum deflection of urethane springs decreases with shore durometer. For example, a 95A urethane spring’s maximum deflection is 25% of the spring's free length, while a 70A urethane spring’s maximum deflection is 60%.

With this information, you can quickly determine how your urethane spring will fit within your machine design when loaded and unloaded.

Urethane Spring Capabilities

Pounds to Produce 1/8" Deflection
Conventional heavy-duty die spring Up to 500 lbs
Urethane springs Up to 2,600 lbs
Urethane bar stock Up to 90,000 lbs
Urethane slab stock Unlimited

Cyclic Frequency & Deflection

Suggested maximum cyclic frequency and deflection percentage of free length

Maximum Deflection Cycles Per Hour
Slow speeds / short runs less than 25% 200
Intermittent up to 25% 700
Continuous up to 15% 12,000

Applications and Industries

Industrial manufacturing worker

Where Urethane Springs Are Used

Urethane compression springs are extremely versatile and can be used in countless machine designs and industries. If environmental factors allow, they can be specified in place of helical coil compression springs.

Urethane springs are most commonly used in high-impact manufacturing equipment such as die-cutting and metal stamping machines where reliability and vibration resistance are needed.

They are also found in automotive equipment, such as suspension and clutch systems within the engine transmission.

Heavy machinery found in construction and agriculture employs urethane springs.


Custom Urethane Springs

Century Spring specializes in custom component manufacturing and offers many added production features, including design and tooling assistance as well as prototyping and performance testing. Contact us for more information on how we can customize the right part for your preferred application.

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FAQs About Urethane Springs

Do I need a custom design?

We have many varieties of urethane springs readily available. If you need a custom-designed spring, call 800-237-5225, Email, or Request a Custom Quotation today!

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Century Spring offers customized spring Design and Manufacturing Services for specialized spring and spring anchor solutions. Our team of highly skilled engineers is ready to help you design the perfect spring anchor solution to meet your application's unique challenge so you can tackle your next pressing challenge.

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