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Spring Anchors

Spring anchors are also called spring stud anchors and their names succinctly describe their purpose. They are metallic threaded inserts designed to screw into a mating hole to provide anchor points for the attachment of extension spring ends. They feature a flange with a through-hole that serves as an anchoring point for securing the ends of the extension springs.

Spring anchors are the fastest, most economical method for easily securing the ends of the spring and incorporating extension springs into an application. They are structurally robust, adjustable, and easy to use. They also allow fine-tuning the extension spring’s initial load with minimal mechanical adjustment.

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Custom Spring Anchor Manufacturing Capabilities

We offer design engineering expertise and are ready to partner with you to determine the anchor spring design configuration that will meet the needs of your extension spring applications.

We partner directly with our subsidiary, which specializes in mass-producing customized spring anchors, to deliver anchor springs that meet your unique specifications. Customizable anchor spring options include length, thread type and size, hole size, and material.

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Spring Anchor Information and Resources

Spring Anchor Characteristics

Consider these characteristics when shopping for spring anchors to fit your extension spring application.

  1. Threaded Shank: The threaded insert must match the internal hole threads on your application to ensure proper fit. Additionally, the thread length on the hole and the spring anchor should be the same to ensure the spring anchor fits securely in the hole.

  2. Hole Size: The hole should be large enough to accommodate the extension spring wire diameter but not oversized so that the wire is at risk of dislodging from the hole during spring operation.

  3. Flange Size: You should evaluate the loads at the end of your extension spring application to verify that the flange is large enough to sufficiently support loads from the spring, especially at the hole ligament. It is also recommended that you verify that the spring anchor flange does not interfere with other machine components.

How to Select a Spring Anchor

You should also consider a few additional characteristics of your spring application when shopping for spring anchors.

If your spring anchor is to be installed in a lever arm configuration, either flat or at an angle, you should ensure that the anchor flanges can be positioned relative to each other to accommodate the extension spring.

You should also consider whether the spring anchor locations are recessed and choose a large enough spring anchor flange to protrude above the recession.

Finally, if you need to use two spring anchors, you should ensure that each is oriented at a 90-degree offset to ensure the extension spring is secure in the application.

Material Types and Benefits

If additional corrosion resistance is required, steel or stainless steel is the most commonly specified spring anchor material. Either type offers the durability and strength most widely required for anchor spring applications. Steel spring anchors are specified with a black oxide surface finish, while stainless steel spring anchors have no surface finish.

However, you can specify other materials or surface finishes in a custom design if additional strength or heat resistance is required for a particular application.

Applications and Industries

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Where Spring Anchors Are Used

Spring anchors can be employed wherever where extension springs are used.

They commonly anchor extension springs used in certain medical devices, such as stretchers and surgical lifts.

You can also find them in specialized automotive equipment, such as the throttle linkage from the gas or clutch pedals.

In addition to these applications, spring anchors are found in many consumer products, such as furniture and retractable window shades.

Related Manufacturing Services

In addition to standard engineering and manufacturing services, we offer various optional services.

  • CAD Modeling
  • CNC Machining
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling

Quality Standards & Certifications

At Century Spring, we pride ourselves on creating quality products that meet or exceed industry standards. Not only do our facilities perform rigorous quality assurance testing to your specified ranges, but we also maintain several key certifications to ensure that only the best products are shipped to you.

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FAQs About Spring Anchors

Do I need a custom design?

Many standard spring anchor designs are available in numerous sizes and flange geometries. However, if you determine that you need a custom-designed spring that we do not carry in stock, call 800-237-5225, Email, or Request a Custom Quotation today!

What material should I choose for my spring anchors?

Common spring anchor materials are steel or stainless steel alloys. However, additional materials are available as part of a custom design. Consider corrosion resistance and your application's temperature and loading requirements when evaluating spring anchor material options.

How can I extend the life of my spring anchors?

To enhance the longevity of spring anchors:

  • Optimize Design: Minimize stress by choosing a spring anchor with large enough threads and thread shank size.

  • Material and Environmental Protection: Choose suitable materials and treatments for specific environmental conditions.

  • Frequency Considerations: Ensure the operating frequency is significantly lower than the spring anchor’s natural frequency to avoid resonance vibration wear and tear.

Why Choose Century Spring

Our Commitment to Quality and Service


Century Spring is a quality-first, ISO 9001 and AS9100D certified, industry-leading spring supplier specializing in stock and custom springs. We are the most trusted name in spring manufacturing and offer products and expertise to serve all vertical markets.

Our experienced product engineers, knowledgeable product quality team, and skilled manufacturing personnel always deliver the highest quality products to you faster than our domestic and international competitors. All our springs are always Made in the USA.

We offer rapid delivery on over 40,000+ in-stock designs available to ship today. We understand your schedule constraints and are committed to getting products to you as quickly as possible.

Visit us today to discover how our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction vastly improves your product design process!

Advances and Personalized Solutions in Spring Production

Century Spring offers customized spring Design and Manufacturing Services for specialized spring and spring anchor solutions. Our team of highly skilled engineers is ready to help you design the perfect spring anchor solution to meet your application's unique challenge so you can tackle your next pressing challenge.

We always strive for fast turnaround on all of our custom spring design, fabrication, and delivery services so that you can minimize total product development time and receive your product precisely when needed.

Don’t waste any more of your valuable design time today; let our spring design experts take the lead!

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We will also help you determine if a custom anchor spring solution better suits your needs. All you have to do is Request a Custom Quotation, and we will partner with you to design a spring anchor tailored to your application.

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